Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Manchester United annihilates the Arsenal FC investment fund

Last Sunday, Arsenal was set to face Manchester United in what looked to be an enticing matchup.  Keyword: looked.  What Gunner fans hoped would be a thrilling victory turned out to be the most brutal thrashing Man U has delivered since their match against Grandma Gertrude's Pre-school for the Intergalatically Stupid.  Yes, Manchester United caught Arsenal with its pants down at Old Trafford, and what was exposed wasn't very impressive.  Make no mistake, the final score of 8-2 is a misrepresentation of the course of the game...it should have been 10.  Rooney got his hat-trick; Ashley Young scored on a screamer into the top right corner...twice; hell, even Ji-Sung Park got in on the action.  When Arsenal team-member Carl Jenkinson (who's not quite deserving of the title "player") was awarded a red card in the 77th minute, Arsenal fans violently questioned the call.  "Who the fuck is Carl Jenkinson," hollered one supporter.  "Isn't there a mercy rule or something," called another.  With one day left to acquire new players, Arsenal will hope to find some players worthy of the Premiership.  The trouble is that few players are willing to take the risk of being sucked into the supermassive black hole that is Arsenal's defense, especially for the few nickel's that Wenger is willing to pay.  But who knows, maybe the Gunners will fend better in the Championship division.


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