Thursday, June 23, 2011

Gold Cup Finals

The US meets rival Mexico Saturday night in the final match of the 2011 Gold Cup.  Mexico has looked a strong side the entire tournament, despite the suspension of five players in a doping scandal.
The US, on the other hand, has looked far shakier on the path to the final match.  Losing to Panama in the group stages, the side barely slipped by in the semi-final rematch, thanks to a clutch performance by Landon Donovan who came on as a substitute (for reasons only God and Bob Bradley know).  The major talking point of this 1-0 win was the heroic and timely comeback of Freddy Adu.  The Benfica forward entered the game as a late sub and proved that he still has the speed and foot-skills to perform at the international level.  
My prediction for Saturday: 3-2, US takes home the cup.
I give Mexico two goals only because Chicharito is a goal-machine.  The guy has scored seven goals in four games this tournament, and allotting him anything less than two goals is a slight on his ability and may trigger his goal-scoring wrath upon the US.  I wish no such wrath upon my countrymen.  
Chicharito, be appeased.


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  2. Haha, it's actually Javier Hernandez. I think it's probably for marketing but lots of players do it. Take Edson Erantes do Nacimento. Heard of him? That's Péle.