Saturday, June 25, 2011

A farewell to coach Bob Bradley

After going up two goals in tonight's Gold Cup final against Mexico, US head coach Bob Bradley opted for a more feminine style of play.
"I'm just really glad that no one was hurt.  It gets pretty messy out there," Bradley said in a fictitious interview.  "After all, it's just a game."
Mexico went on to score four consecutive goals, winning the match 4-2.  Soon after, Bradley announced his stepping down from the head coach position.
"I've never told anyone this, but my dream has always been to go into uniform design."
Leading the rally for a good, clean game was none other than Michael Bradley, coach Bob Bradley's son.
"After I scored at the beginning of the game, daddy told me I had done well and could take a break for the rest of the game.  He even promised he'd build that treehouse I've always wanted!"
This is not the first time Bob Bradley's US team has blown a two-nil lead in the championship game.  In 2009, the team led Brazil 2-0 at halftime in the Confederations Cup final when Bradley had a similar lapse of mind.
On the bright side, the US has all the tools to be successful at the international level (Dempsey, Donovan, Adu, Agudelo...): what's lacking is a man to weave them all together.


  1. I think Bob Bradley has done well with the team. He brought us to two championships and we looked solid all tournament.

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  3. It may be a risk but it could ultimately be worth it. And with a coaching change, we could also get rid of Michael Bradley.

  4. Bradley is awful. His decisions, selections, strategies, etc. are MLS-caliber, no better. Bornstein? Wondolowski? How could they possibly be selected? Was Bradley receiving kickbacks? Playing Michael Bradley over Maurice Edu? One a regular starter in a champion's league team and the other a bench-warmer on loan from a near-relegation Bundesliga squad? At least the motivations for selection here are clear. His selections are dreadful It's a shame the most talented generation of US players is held back by such a mediocre coach. Let's hope Gulati finally opens his eyes and gives Bradley the boot.

  5. I agree completely. I think the majority of Michael Bradley's passes were to Mexican players. Maybe the Bradley duo is payed to sabotage US soccer.

  6. You left out the comment he made during the ficticious interview:

    "Oh my son, yeah he is on bus already and doesn't want to talk to any of the media....what?"

    "Oh no, he's not mad, I told the guys that's ok, you all did well and I am proud of you still now how about we get some Dairy Queen! And my son ran onto the bus!"

  7. Guys, you forget that Bradley actually scored the first goal. Bradley may not have a great game,
    but you can't blame him entirely. On the goal scored by Gio, he was simply beaten by a much better player who scored one of the most incredible goals I've ever seen. I don't think Bradley the son is the problem as much Bradley the coach !

  8. Carlos, I love MB90, and he had to do a lot of convincing to get me to that point. But him and Jones were absolutely gassed. It's not his fault, he should have been subbed, or probably not started at all.

    If we're honest with ourselves, I think everyone can agree that there really isn't much of a drop-off in talent putting Edu in for MB90. Edu's fresh legs would have made a huge difference and he's got the same knack for big time goals as MB90.

    Jones looked too slow the whole game, and it was also likely due to him being fatigued.

    What a different it would have made to have Feilhaber and Holden there... just wait till qualifying...

    Bob needs to go. He's done a lot, but once the players stop believing in your system (Landycakes and Deuce seem to be rebelling a bit), there isn't much you can do, you can't replace your best players.

    It was a good run for Sweatpants, but our team is getting stale. Hit the reset button.

  9. Haha, i honestly don't think "MB90" is worthy of a nickname. He scores a goal every once in a while, but overall I think his play is terrible.