Thursday, June 23, 2011

A call to all soccerheads

This is a blog for all the soccerheads of the world (I say all grudgingly, Man U fans).  Let me define my terms:
if you could juggle before you could walk;
if your boots cost more than your mortgage;
if in times of need you ask, "What would Messi do?";
then you qualify as a soccerhead.
And if you don't...well, you'll get there.
The purpose of this blog is to give soccerheads a safe haven until the next Clasico (ie Real Madrid vs. Barcelona, for all not-quite-yet fanatics). 
I was recently watching baseball "highlights" on SportsCenter (yes, notice highlights are parenthesized) when I decided that my efforts at post-Premier League entertainment were futile.  Then, the epiphany: unite the soccerheads of the world in a World Cup-esque manner, assuaging off-season woes.
So this is it.  The soccer square.  Where the beautiful game lives on while baseball hogs the TV.
Humor, boot reviews, and much soccer-talk to come.

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